Achieve. Thrive. Flourish.

Here at South Essex Homes, we understand that we are living in challenging times, with people dealing with financial hardship and lots of other pressures. Residents in some areas have told us that don’t always feel safe living in their communities and that concerns about anti-social behaviour or even criminal activity affect their ability to fully enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods. We want to change this and help residents feel happy and confident.

ATF at Shoebury ParkSo, we have asked ATF to start working in three areas of Southend. ATF have made a real impact in other areas, where parks that were considered to be ‘no go’ areas have been taken back by communities and are now safe and happy places for local people and families to use.

As well as this, the work that ATF does focuses on helping young people, who might have been at risk of causing problems in their neighbourhood, to get involved and make a positive contribution to their areas. Through volunteering and accessing training, these young people have developed new skills and have gone on to secure jobs and ‘pay it forward’ by sharing their experience with other youngsters.


You can find out more about the difference that ATF are making by viewing their January summary here:  SEH summary slides Jan 24.pdf [pdf] 4MB 

ATF black and white logo

ATF have already made a great start to getting these community projects underway in our estates in Southend, Shoebury, Eastwood and Westcliff and we are confident that they will continue to make a real difference for the people living in these areas.

We would urge all residents to get involved! Find out more on their website here: About ATF — Achieve Thrive Flourish