Fire Risk Assessments

In this section we provide links to download the latest Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) carried out at each of the 15 high rise blocks we manage on behalf of Southend-on-sea City Council. 

A fire risk assessment (FRA) is a review of a building to assess its fire risks.  Controlling fire risks is an important part of managing a building.  To be able to protect against the risks of fire, it is important to identify these risks with a fire risk assessment.

In England and Wales, all blocks of flats and large houses with multiple occupants are required to have an FRA according to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 & The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

The assessment will usually offer recommendations about how to make the building safer and protect the people in or near it from fire.  An FRA is effectively a guide book for fire safety measures in your building.

The assessment looks at:

  • how likely a fire is to start
  • what the consequences would be if a fire did start
  • what needs to be done in the building to minimise the risk of fire starting or spreading

The law says the assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’ for the building.

What does a fire risk assessment cover?

A fire risk assessment usually covers the shared parts of a building that all people can use, such as common stairwells and entrance halls.  The assessment also looks at a building’s ‘general fire precautions’ in the shared areas.  These include measures to:

  • reduce the risk of fire starting, such as information signs or doing regular safety checks of electrical sockets or lights
  • reduce the risk of fire spreading, such as fire doors
  • alert people about a fire in the building, such as smoke alarms
  • let people escape from the building, such as clear escape routes
  • tell people what to do if a fire starts, such as Stay Put and Stay Safe
  • reduce the harm caused if a fire starts, such as fire extinguishers or sprinklers

The general fire precautions must protect:

  • people who are allowed to be in the building
  • people who are near the building, who may be at risk if a fire started

What happens after an FRA is carried out?

Any remedial works required that are identified within the Fire Risk Assessment are immediately sent to the relevant department within South Essex Homes for their attention and monitored to ensure they are rectified in a reasonable time frame.

South Essex Homes also carry out a 6 month review or earlier in the event of substantial alterations to the building.

To find the FRA for your building, simply click on the name of the block and then click on the link below:

Blackdown Fire Risk Assessment

Brecon Fire Risk Assessment

Grampian Fire Risk Assessment

Malvern Fire Risk Assessment

Quantock Fire Risk Assessment

Sutton Court Fire Risk Assessment