Ending Your Tenancy


You may end your tenancy at any time by giving us at least four weeks' notice in writing. The notice must end on a Sunday.

You must send your notice to us at our office in the Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea, SS2 6FY, or deliver it by hand. If you send your notice by post, please send it recorded delivery.

We may end your tenancy by sending you notice. The amount of notice we give you depends on why we want to end your tenancy. If you (or someone else in your household) stay in your home after the notice ends, we shall apply to the court for a possession order, and take other court action if appropriate. If successful we shall ask the court to order that you pay our costs. 


Returning your keys

house keys When you leave your home, you must return all the keys to South Essex Homes no later than midday on the Monday after your tenancy ends. You should make sure that you get a signed receipt from us to prove that you have returned the keys. If you fail to return the keys, we may have to serve a notice to quit which means that your tenancy would not have ended until the notice expires (usually four weeks later). At that point we may have to change the locks. You would then be liable for the rent up to that date as well as the costs of replacing the keys and the locks. You must leave your home vacant and secure when you leave.  If you do not, you may have to pay any losses we incur.


Taking your belongings

moving house You must make sure you take all your belongings including any furniture and rubbish with you when you leave. This includes removing any items in the loft or garden. Please ensure you also clean your home, make any repairs and redecorate if necessary. We operate a tenants' incentive scheme and you may be entitled to a grant if you leave your home clean and in good decorative order.

If you leave any items behind (after leaving/abandoning or being evicted from your home), unless you have given signed permission for us to dispose of your items we will serve a 7 day Torte Notice. If you have not claimed your items during the notice periods we will dispose of them as we think is appropriate and you may be charged for this.

Please make sure that when you leave, the property is secure and you have redirected your post and transferred your utility providers.