Altering and Improving Your Home

If you want to alter or improve your home (apart from general decorating, which we offer advice on here), please fill out this form and return it to the Tenancy Services Team:  Tenants Improvement Application Form.pdf [pdf] 144KB

You can search for contact details of your Officer here: Tenancy Services Officers

You will need to get our written permission for changes such as:

  • adding an extension, porch, conservatory, patio or patio doors Home renovation
  • installing domestic cctv or a smart doorbell
  • altering the structure of the building
  • moving or removing walls and partitions 
  • removing ceiling, wall or floor surfaces
  • adding to or changing the electrical system
  • adding to or changing the heating or plumbing system, or installing a shower
  • installing double glazing
  • creating a vehicle crossover or parking space
  • Fitting a television aerial or satellite dish.
  • Installing a new bathroom/kitchen

A surveyor may need to visit your home to check on the proposed changes, to make sure that they meet health and safety and planning regulations. 

If we give you permission to alter your home or add new fixtures and fittings, the consent letter will say whether you need to leave them if you move out, or if you will have to remove them and make good any damage. 

If you make any alterations without our written agreement, you may have to return the property to its original state when you move out, or pay us the full cost of reinstatement. Should you wish to apply to make improvements to your home please contact us on freephone 0800 833 160 for more information.

Unauthorised tenant alterations

We have had a number of cases recently whereby tenants have taken it upon themselves to convert the loft space in their property. 

If there is a loft at your property, please remember that it does not form part of your tenancy and, as such, South Essex Homes will never approve any alterations to the loft space. 

In one example we recently came across, a tenant had spent £10,000 installing a bedroom in the loft – but as it breached their tenancy we have had to insist it is since removed. 

South Essex Homes’ Housing Maintenance Manager said: “If you have an idea to carry out any alterations in your home, please discuss it with us first, don’t just go ahead without approval – you would be wasting your money! 

“Also, if you have noticed building works being carried out in one of our properties, please do let us know so we can check if the work has been approved. If it hasn’t been, we can step in early to ensure the tenant does not waste any more money.” 

For any information or advice on this issue, please give us a call on 0800 833160.