We know that it can be a big inconvenience when a lift goes out of service so we rely on tenants to let us know as soon as possible if there are any issues. 

If a lift where you live is not working then please call us on 0800 833 160 to report this as soon as you notice. We will then aim to send an engineer out within two hours of receiving this report and, if possible, the engineer will complete the repairs straight away. If components need to be ordered, they will return urgently once received. In the interim we will always try to provide assistance for vulnerable residents. 

We also rely on tenants to make sure the lifts are being used correctly, as misuse can result in increased issues and can put a lift straight back out of service even if it has just been repaired. Here are some of the most common issues we see:

Unintentional misuse

  • Obstructing or holding the doors open.
  • Overloading the lift when moving in or out of the block or having large household goods delivered or disposed of.
  • Catching the safety edges of the lift car doors with mobility scooters, shopping trolleys or larger items.
  • Allowing children to play near or inside lifts, often children's toys are found in door gaps or at the bottom of the lift shaft. Children can learn about the dangers of playing near lifts in this simple story:  Liam Loves Lifts [pdf] 6MB

Intentional misuse/vandalism

  • Littering or leaving rubbish in the lifts as this can get into the doors or tracks and cause operating issues.
  • Vandalism of the lift car lights, the lift car itself or the button controls.
  • Vandalism of the lift car doors or surfaces.
  • Damage caused to the lift car floor by human or pet urine.
  • Unauthorised access to the lift shaft or other restricted areas