Resident Training

At South Essex Homes, we believe it is important to provide opportunities for our residents to get involved in volunteering, education and employment opportunities. This includes upskilling residents to hold us accountable as their social housing landlord, in order to improve the service we provide.


One way this is possible is attending the training courses provided by national training programmes and organisations such as TPAS and Four Million Homes.

Four Million Homes

Four Million homes – who are funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities – provide free high-quality training for social housing residents who’s goal is to inform and raise awareness of social housing residents' rights.

They offer free training courses and webinars covering topics such as how to protect and promote your rights as a social housing tenant, how you can engage with your social landlord or housing association to support them in decision making, and how to run an effective residents association.


TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) is another training provider offering a wide range of sessions available to residents.

Through TPAS you can learn more about government white papers, how Scrutiny works, how to engage with residents of your neighbourhood to support your community and more. Through TPAS you are also able to meet the Housing Ombudsman Richard Blakeway, and submit questions for him to answer in the live session.


One of our residents said...

“I have been on many of these online courses and have found them interesting, informative and enjoyable. I have learnt a great lot and awarded a certificate at the end of most. Some of the courses I have been on include: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Housing Legal Requirements, How to run an effective Residents’ Association,  Complaints: Know your rights Anti-Social Behaviour and many more

Every course I have been on has given me more knowledge and encouraged me to be more involved with how we as residents can help SEH to be a better landlord and look after us all as tenants

Following the training courses and focus groups which I attended, I went on to get more and more involved with residents and officers of SEH until I ended up on the board.

I have attended many training courses and have enjoyed them and meeting like-minded residents-I would encourage you to get on these courses.”


If you are interested in any of the above, please visit these websites for more information:

Four Million Homes-


Alternatively, if you have any ideas on how South Essex Homes staff can support you with training or there is any training in particular that you would like to see South Essex Homes make available for residents, please do get in touch by contacting