Mutual Exchange

If you fail to obtain permission prior to exchanging we could commence possession action against you. 

If you want to swap your council house or flat with someone else's house or flat, we call this a mutual exchange. You can swap locally with another Southend-on-Sea City Council tenant or nationally with other Housing Association or local council tenants. 


You can advertise your home in the following ways...

  • At your local shop
  • In your local newspaper or in the local newspaper of the area you wish to move to.
  • Using the mutual exchange website:  home swapper logo
  • You will need permission from us before you exchange properties.  
Apply for a mutual exchange


Once your application to exchange has been received, we will:

  • Carry out a property inspection.
  • Check your property for adaptations and, if there are any, check to see if the incoming resident requires these (this may be a ground for refusal).
  • Ensure that the property is the right size for the incoming tenant i.e. that they won't be under/over occupying the property.
  • Check for any breaches in Tenancy Conditions (dependent on stage of the breach, this could be a ground for refusal).
  • Check what type of tenancy you have, there are certain tenancies that you cannot carry out a Mutual Exchange with.
  • Liaise with the other landlord if exchanging outside of South Essex Homes managed property. 
  • Write to you either agreeing or refusing the exchange (explaining our reasons for refusal).  We must do this within 42 days of us receiving your application to exchange.
  • If the exchange is agreed then we will make arrangements for the deed of assignment (or, in the case of flexible tenancies, the surrender form and new tenancy agreement) to be signed.
  • Arrange electrical, gas and plumbing checks to be undertaken and ensure the property has a valid EPC certificate either before or on the day the assignment takes place.