Support With Your Tenancy

woman looking stressedYou can download the electronic version of your newly revised  SCC Tenancy Conditions FINAL 2023.pdf [pdf] 345KB  to find the answers to some of the common questions regarding tenancies. 

If you are a South Essex Homes resident and feel that you are in need of support, please contact our Support Services Team in the first instance on 0800 833 160, who may then refer you on to another team so you can receive the appropriate specialist help. 

Complete a simple assessment and one of our officers may be able to give you advice, information and assistance on the following: 


Our officers have an extensive knowledge of the support networks that are available to you within the local area, and will be happy to make an appointment to visit you to discuss any support issues you may have.

Preparing to move

  • Downsizing/ Grants Available (Subject to Funding) 
  • Getting furniture 
  • The grants and allowances that may be available to you 
  • Starting up utilities (gas, electric etc) and practical tips 
  • Tenancy Sustainment
  • What to do about official letters and rent arrears
  • How you can report problems you may be experiencing with your tenancy

If you would like to contact one of our officers for a confidential chat please contact 0800 833 160.