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    ...we are here to help make your life a little easier.  Our Universal Credit pages contain all you need to know to make sure you are claiming the benefits you are entitled to.

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  • Everyone should feel safe at home...

    ...we have received accreditation from the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA)

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  • Keeping You Safe...

    ...providing health and safety advice, and letting you know about measures being taken to ensure your home stays safe and sound.

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  • How to get involved...

    ...there are many ways in which you can play a part in the work South Essex Homes do, regardless of how much (or how little!) time you have available.

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Who are South Essex Homes?

Who are South Essex Homes?

Since 2005, South Essex Homes has managed and maintained the social housing stock of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, and we continue to provide a high quality housing service to residents.

About Us

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Balmoral Project: Complete!

We are pleased to confirm that works on the Balmoral Estate are now complete. Take a look back on the project with us....

Leigh Eco-home open for visitors

A 3-bedroom semi-detached home in Juniper Road, Leigh, has recently been completely renovated and retrofitted with energy and water saving measures, which have turned it into one of the most sustainab...

One Black Bag a Week Challenge

Residents of Southend-on-Sea can win a prize if they successfully reduce their waste and recycle more!...

Who is my tenancy officer?

Who is my tenancy officer?

Use our quick search option to find the name and contact details of the Tenancy Services Officer and Support Services Officer responsible for your street or building.

Tenancy Services Officers

External Vacancies

Work with us!

Here are the job vacancies for South Essex Homes and our subsidiary, South Essex Property Services (SEPS):

Current Vacancies

Download the Insight magazine

Download the latest Insight magazine

Insight is the quarterly magazine for residents of South Essex Homes

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