Parking Permits

Parking permits are required in the car parks of certain buildings we manage on behalf of Southend City Council, namely; Malvern/Chiltern/Pennine/5-29a Sutton Road, Balmoral, and Quantock.

It is the tenant/leaseholders responsibility to ensure that they have a valid parking permit for the parking schemes that they reside in and that they should ensure that either a new application or renewal application is made in sufficient time. South Essex Homes are not liable for any parking tickets that are incurred where vehicles do not have a valid parking permit, or for any parking tickets issued by Southend City Council while you are parked in one of the locations listed above.

Apply for a parking permit as an SEH tenant
Apply as a leaseholder/tenant of a leaseholder

Each vehicle will require its own application, including motorbikes. If you change your vehicle then you will need to complete a new application. Without the documents listed below a free parking permit will not be issued.

To renew a parking permit you will need to provide:

  • Current valid insurance
  • Car registration number
  • Letter or email from employer if this is a company vehicle
  • Copy of council tax bill if leaseholder or subletting from a leaseholder
  • Email address for issuing electronic permit

If you are applying for a new permit you will also need to provide:

  • VC5 log book or new owner slip
  • Car tax
  • MOT