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Distraction Burglary Awareness 

We would like to make you aware of a recent increase in distraction burglaries targeting our Sheltered Housing Schemes. We know this can be worrying to hear, but we hope to provide you with some advice and reassurance to make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe.  

Distraction burglary is when a person tries to gain access to your home by trying to trick you into believing they need help or are officials in the area. Sometimes they will operate in pairs so one attempts the distraction whilst the other one takes the opportunity to steal things in the home .  

Criminals may pretend to be from gas or water companies , or even South Essex Homes or the Council. They can also pretend to be trusted members of the community such as a nurse or carer . The best thing to do is to not let anyone into your home unless you are expecting them, and even then, they should be calling through to you via the main entrance intercom instead of coming straight to your front door for access.

Follow these simple tips to make sure you are staying safe.  

  • Look through your peephole before answering your door.  

  • Ask for ID and call up the company they say they are with to double check.  

  • If you are still unsure, ask the caller to come back at another time when a family member or friend can also be present, they won’t mind this if they are genuine.  

  • If you are arranging an appointment with a utility company for example, ask to set up a password so you can be confident that you can trust the person that attends.  

It is very important to remember to always lock your door, even if you are just popping to do your laundry or to chat to neighbour down the hall but also when you are home , always lock the door after you to keep your home secure. Please also refrain from letting in anyone you do not know at the main entrance, if they are visiting a resident then that person will be able to let them in.  

The good thing is, our Sheltered Housing schemes are very secure as long as this advice is followed, and if your area has recently been targeted then please be assured that our security team will be increasing patrols as a result.    

Always remember, if in doubt, keep them out.  

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