Your Tenancy - Garages

South Essex Homes manages a number of garage sites across the City - please refer to the list of locations below.

Alton Gardens; Anson Chase; Appletree Close; Archer Avenue; Ashanti Close; Barringtons; Betjemen Mews; Blackdown; Brecon; Bridgwater Drive; Bulwark Road; Caulfield Road; Chelmer Way; Cluny Square; Crouchmans; Cunningham Close; Danescroft Close; Danbury Close; Devereux Road; Eagle Way; Eaton Road; Exeter Close; Fraser Close; Goldmer Close; Grampian; Jones Close; Keats House; Little Fretches; Mansell Close; Newington Avenue; Norwich Avenue; Purley Way; Riverstone; Rothwell Close; Ruskin Avenue; Saxon Gardens; Shannon Close; Sherwood Way; Southchurch Road; St. Edmunds Close; St Lawrence Gardens; The Mulberrys; Temple Court; Treecot Drive; Valkyrie Road; Yantlet


We have a very long waiting list at present and unfortunately we are not therefore currently able to accept new applications to join the waiting list.

Please keep checking back to this website and when the situation changes, we will update this page.

Many thanks for your understanding.