South Essex Homes manages a number of garage sites across the City - please refer to the list of locations below.


Alton Gardens; Anson Chase; Appletree Close; Archer Avenue; Ashanti Close; Barringtons; Betjemen Mews; Blackdown; Brecon; Bridgwater Drive; Bulwark Road; Caulfield Road; Chelmer Way; Cluny Square; Crouchmans; Cunningham Close; Danescroft Close; Danbury Close; Devereux Road; Eagle Way; Eaton Road; Exeter Close; Fraser Close; Goldmer Close; Grampian; Jones Close; Keats House; Little Fretches; Mansell Close; Newington Avenue; Norwich Avenue; Purley Way; Riverstone; Rothwell Close; Ruskin Avenue; Saxon Gardens; Shannon Close; Sherwood Way; Southchurch Road; St. Edmunds Close; St Lawrence Gardens; The Mulberrys; Temple Court; Treecot Drive; Valkyrie Road; Yantlet


We do have waiting lists for some of our sites, but we are happy to accept new applications to join the current waiting lists. Please take a look at which garage sites you would prefer within a 1 mile radius of your home, and then fill out an online application form below.

Please note that the estimated garage dimensions are W 7ft  x L 16.5ft, and modern day cars may not fit inside due to the age of the garages. Please do not apply for a garage if your car will not fit these measurements.

Garage Waiting List Application Form