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Men’s Health Week

This week is the annual Men’s Health Week, an important week to take the time to get your MOT.

While all the focus has been on the pandemic for the last few years, the attention has been taken away from other serious conditions.

We know early stage cancer diagnoses fell by third in first lockdown and that shortfall has continued. Prostate cancer diagnoses, for example, were down 29% between 2019 and 2020. That's not because prostate cancer is getting rarer (it isn't), but because men weren't seeing their GPs to begin to get diagnosed. Indeed, male GP visits fell more than female visits. There were good reasons for this fall during lockdown but not now.

All of this gives even more reason to keep an eye on your own bodies and minds and give yourself an MOT this week.

What is an MOT?

It’s an opportunity to take more notice of what’s going on in your body and in your mind, and allows you to focus on what you should be doing to make sure you are living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The Men’s Health Forum have a DIY Man MOT available for you to assess your health step by step, they also recommend getting yourself an NHS health check (available for adults age 40 to 74).

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