What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) is any kind of nuisance, unreasonable behaviour or harassment which causes alarm or distress to others.  

Information on the kinds of ASB which may be experienced and what we can do to prevent it can be found in the pages listed below.  


Our Policy & Procedure

You can download our ASB Policy here:  Anti-Social Behaviour Policy.pdf [pdf] 133KB


How to Report ASB 

You can report any ASB that you experience or witness 24 hours a day, using the telephone number or email address below: 

• Freephone: 0800 833 163 (24 hour)

• Email: antisocialbehaviour@seh.southend.gov.uk


Report using our online form

Please complete this online reporting form to report anti social behaviour that you experience or witness.

If it is an urgent incident currently in progress (where property is in the process of being damaged or if there is any immediate threat) then please call the police on 999.

When completing the form, please provide as much detail as possible in order for us to arrange the best response. 

If you feel a crime has been committed (but is not happening at the moment), please also report it to police on 101 and make note of the incident number.

What will we do?

Your comments will be submitted directly to our Tenancy Services team.  They will assess the issue you have raised and arrange the appropriate response.  They will get back to you via your preferred method of contact within 10 working days. 


Report ASB